Experience the ancient practice of acupuncture, harmonizing the body’s energy for holistic healing. From stress relief to fertility, sessions start at €65.


Explore the healing power of reflexology, harmonizing the body through the feet. Treat conditions from insomnia to anxiety, starting at €50.


Indulge in various massage therapies—holistic, deep tissue, Indian head massage, and pregnancy massage. Relax, relieve pain, and maintain well-being. Sessions start at €35.

Medi Vacuum Cupping Massage

This therapy aids in healing scar tissue, back injuries, arthritis, and more. Prices begin at €30.

Energy and Meditation Healings

Experience Integrated Energy Therapy, working closely with angels to release blockages. Priced at €55.

Natural Facial

Revitalize your skin with a natural facial, a holistic approach to skincare. Sessions start at €55.

Your Happiness Is My Priority

Since my early years, I’ve been fascinated by the spiritual world. Catholicism brought me solace, and the mystical realm of fairies ignited my imagination. As I grew, I delved deeper, exploring meditation and spiritual teachings to find my life’s purpose.

Body 100%
Mind 100%
Soul 100%